Have you met my friend the March Hare ?

            =IIII77$O$=  , I=Z~~~~~:~I8=~======~~:     
          ,============:I  ,~7~~~~~:Z? I++=======8            
         O=============ZZ7, I~I~~~~?~I   8=~=====Z,          
        :~=========~=7~~~~Z $~O~~~~I$    ,~+~====?7         
        D~=========+=~:~~+=:+=+~~:Z~:       O===~++          
       =I========~I~I:~::$=O7+~+:$=O         ,$~=$       
       Z~========7,O~??:~8~=8=~7$=+            :Z           
       7~=======Z,  O+=+$O?=8~?I$++==~,
       =======~$      $+I?I8=DI=7=~=7Z             I=?=7       
      I==~====I       =~===~=+?======+~$,       I~Z=7I+7       
      +=====+$      =?===~======~+87++?I$      O+Z?~=I~O=I77OZ7 
     =~====?:,      +?Z~~==I$7$7?MO8   +       7O7Z87??O=?7I?ZI= 
    :I==~~$         ,~?~7~ZMMMNIM ,$           ?=$?IIIIIZ=Z?I7?$ 
    I~=~7+           ~+:7=M~=  MO  ,~=       +8+D?7IIII77+=7III8
   ==+Z ,            ,? 7 ~$   ,=  ,=~+7I7?=7Z8OIIGORDONIIZ=+=++=
                          7I    :7I$8ZI=====~?ZD?IIBROWNI7I?$8D=
                     =7~~=$D==7DDDDDNO=+=D~~Z8$8=ZIIIGORDONIII?8, R
                      I==??8~==+$DND=+=++I~=OZ$$8=Z?IIIBROWNI?+   Ag
                     ~~==+~Z+7~=7=~~=~~7$~$Z$$$Z?+Z+O?I7??$$Z     DM
                      ?$=~==$Z=~=$I:,,===8Z8Z$$?      :7II,       $8
         ,==  ,Z+       =:Z$+:~~~7,+ I~$$$$$Z8~,                  $¥
        7:       I      ,  O, Z==I+7+Z+ ,D7$8               ,     kr
       7         7,       $~=+?7OD==~~=O$ZOI             ,+,  :   Au
       =         7,        I     ?++~IZ$$,               ~I~,     $
       ,+      7O$$$D+,    8Z$ ,+~?==O$7Z?=        ,I   ~~~:DZ$, =,::
        Z    =O7$$$$$$Z= ,ZZ$$$87??O$IO7?I? +Z           :I$$:I++8I,
         ~= D$$$$$$$$$$$ZZ$$$$Z$77$87?OII?I    :,        $:7~$::~O7+$:
           D$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ZZZZZ?7,               8:OI++7$:::=~
         Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ZZ:Z?         :,  ,  ~~:$I==+I:
         IZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$ZZ$$$$$$$$$$$$8$$$$77$$8: ?===~7I=~O=~~~~:~,
         O$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$8NNN8ZO$$$$$$8$78 +7.:?+=?I~~~Z+::~~=I7OI:
         8$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ZDNNNNMD$O$$$Z$O$$7 ,     ?=I~=      ,~~=
         D$$$$$$$$$$$$$8DNNNNNNNN$$$$$ :878:        ?==7   $
         :O$$$$$$$$ZDNMNNNNNMNMDO$$$$Z               ?==  +        $
          ?Z$$$ZDMMMMMMMMMMI~   Z$$$O                ,             ƒ
          :$$$NMMMMMMMMMMM:    ,O$$O             
          ~Z7:MMMMMMMMMMM      7$Z8              
          +   MMMMMMMMMN      ,ZD:                  
7$DNNNNNN$:                  :IIIIIIII7I     
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Here’s a seas…

Here’s a seasonal message for all you LibLabCon-artists out there :



You are a bunch of self-serving crooks and traitors who have ruined your country for personal gain in the mistaken belief that your pay-masters and wanker-banker ‘friends’ will respect you for what you do.

You treat ordinary people with utter contempt and expect them to swallow your lies whole while you steal and destroy their livelihoods. You have created a thieves’ paradise.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You claim that we live in a Democracy while you manipulate the media and deny us any meaningful choice. You are all the same.

You know who you are – the back-stabbing Milipedes, the deficit-denying Go-Balls and all your henchmen were born evil and are beyond redemption – barmy Corporal Clegg, you and your opportunistic army of hand-wringing career parasites are no better – and as for Dave, the member for Twitney and your boy-friend Gideon, your arrogance is almost beyond belief; you refuse to listen to the voices of those you are supposed to represent and pursue an agenda to which the rest of us are not privy; you are complete frauds, flying under false colours.

You all display a complete disregard for truth and honesty and say anything that you think will make you look good, however fleetingly.

You cannot hide under your stones forever – the harsh light of truth will find you out and your kind will be treated like the vermin you are.

Why don’t you do us all a big favour ?

Easter is a time for new beginnings. Do the decent thing – RESIGN NOW and make way for people who actually care about this country. That especially means you, Dave – I’m sure you and Gideon will be very happy together somewhere else. (Don’t forget the safe word, Gideon.)

Here’s something to remind all you LibLabCons of how much your country loves you :

.                                                                           /¯\

.                                                                        / ¯/

.                                                                     /   /

.                                                       /¯\     /   /

.                                                  /    /¯\/   /  /¯\   /¯\

.                                               /     (   )  (   )   (   )    (   )

.                                              |                                        |

.                                                \                                    /

.                                                    \    .   .   .   .    .     /

.                ~             ~             ~             ~             ~             ~             ~             ~

And to all those good people out there who know in their hearts what is right, who hate evil in all its forms and who still value love, truth and honesty : I wish you all a very happy Easter and a better future for you and your children.

Stand up and be counted; you will overcome and be set free.

Peace and love.

The Easter Bunny

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